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How do you know what types of questions drove the most engagement last week?

We segment questions into 5 main "types:"

  • Comprehension questions drive your audience to speak to organization and selection of facts and ideas.
  • Application questions encourage your audience use of facts, rules, and principles in their responses.
  • Analysis questions lead to answers that separate a whole into component parts.
  • Synthesis questions have answers that encompass new ideas to form a new whole.
  • Evaluation questions lead to the development of opinions, judgements, or decisions.

Modeling your questions around the types of questions that drive the highest level of engagement is essential to growing your conversations.

Our AI, like in our moderator report, reviewed over 3,000 conversations and over 16,000 responses in the last week to pinpoint the types of questions that drove the most engagement last week.

In the last week, the types of questions that drove the most engagement were:

  • Analysis Questions
  • Evaluation Questions
  • Application Questions

Next week, try modeling your conversations around these types of questions to drive higher engagement levels. We would love to hear how this works for you. Please tweet us with questions or comments on your results.

If you would like to get into the details the types of questions, please schedule a free tour of our custom moderator reports.